membran 2018

26-30. Decembre 2018

membran creates a space for transformation inspired by the taoistic 5 elements. From Dec 26-30 we dance 5 days between midwinter and the change of the calender years through our own membran on 200 sqm super soft tatami mats. Every day is dedicated to one of the taoistic elements and its qualities. The day begins with a class that explores aspects of being authentic in dancing contact. How is it possible to stay fully in the presence of a contact? In a second part the energetic qualities of the element of the day will be explored as starting point for the Jam. The evening is full of music and dancing to create a process of transformation.

Wed, 26.12
17-19 Authentic Contact, 19-22 Wood, the green Jam

Thu, 27.12
17-19 Authentic Contact, 19-22 Fire, the orange-red Jam

Fr, 28.12
15-17:30 Authentic Contact, Break in the Parc, 20-22:30 Earth, the ocher-brown Jam

Sat, 29.12
17-19 Authentic Contact, 19-22 Metall, the white Jam

Sun, 30.12
17-19 Authentic Contact, 19-22 Water, the blue Jam

Aikido Dojo, Neusser Str. 26, 50670 Cologne
Costs: 50 EUR all or 10 EUR per Unit
Please register via E-Mail

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